Under The Shadows of Darkness

Devils Deception Please Note: This seminar is not currently scheduled

“The Devils Deception can only take place in the dark night of ignorance. If the dawn of knowledge rises, his deception is easily exposed.” [Imam Ibn al-Jawzee]

A 2 day seminar on the Devils Deception

Instructor: Shaikh Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips

Some of the topics covered in the seminar:

  • The Prince of Darkness: Iblees, His Rise and Fall
  • The Covenant of Evil: Oath of the Prince of Darkness
  • The Army of Darkness: Followers of Iblees
  • His Adversary: Adam, His Birth and Fall
  • Weapons of Darkness: Magic, Fortune Telling, Amulets & Music
  • The Demonic Touch: Exorcism & Its Treatment
  • Defence Against The Forces of Evil
  • Era of the Viceroy: The Reign of Dajjal & The Return of Jesus
  • Shock Troops of the Dark Prince: Gog & Magog