The Strangers

Yesterday evening, An-Naseeha hosted a thought-provoking lecture on the concept of “The Strangers” in Islam, delivered by Imam Shadeed Muhammad from the US. The event drew a diverse crowd of eager listeners, ranging from young adults to seasoned community members.

Imam Shadeed delved into the significance of being a “Stranger” in today’s world with eloquence and passion. Drawing from Qur’anic verses and Hadiths, he explored the virtues and challenges faced by those who uphold their faith and try to adhere to the Sunnah amidst societal changes and challenges.

The lecture urged attendees to reflect on their own roles as Muslims in contemporary society. The speaker also emphasised the importance of steadfastness and resilience in adhering to Islamic principles, even when faced with adversity or societal pressures.

Following the lecture, delicious pizzas were served, creating a nice atmosphere of brotherhood and sisterhood amongst the attendees.

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