“I accepted Islam almost 6 years ago but I was isolated and found it very difficult and I drifted away. I started committing sins until I was convinced that I didn’t deserve to turn to Allah and that Islam was too difficult. I booked and paid onto a course called ‘When Time Elapsed’ not really knowing what to expect and Allah knows how I came across the course because I have no idea.

Anyway, I attended and found a brilliant group of sisters and after the first day, I couldn’t even believe the way I was feeling. That is when I made a conscious effort to get to grips with my Salah. By the end of the course I realised how Allah chose me to be a Muslim, and felt like my heart had been revived. I was scared; knowing that my heart had almost become solid and that I was so close to the Hellfire yet Allah brought me to such a place to give me yet another chance!! Alhamdulillah I realised what that meant. There is so much more that I got from that course…

A devastating blow struck my life in June last year and it was so much easier because of the revived Iman through the Mercy of Allah and him guiding me to An-Naseeha and from that; to other places too.

I was a mum at 15, past drug user, drinker, out of school at 13, and at the time of the course; a single mum of 5. It is sometimes hard not to feel overwhelmed at the Love and Mercy that Allah has bestowed on me since then.

I know this is a huge piece but I wanted to make sure that I let An-Naseeha know how they affected my life and ask I Allah to reward them in this life and the next.”


MashaAllah what a wonderful khutbah. It is one of those khutbahs I can listen to over and over again. It really helps us remember why we are here on Earth and makes your eeman stronger.

An excellent lecture and so relevant to Muslims in the West.

May Allah reward you for spreading knowledge.

The sermon had me in tears. I thank Allah the Lord of the Worlds who gave me a purpose in life by guiding me to Islam.