A Quest for Love

A Quest for Love **Registration for this seminar is now closed. Please check on site at the venue for seating availability**A 2 Day Seminar on the Fiqh of Marriage

In this seminar you will Insha’Allah learn about:

  • Understanding love from an Islamic perspective
  • How to earn the blessings of Allah in your marriage
  • Steps on how to increase love in your marriage
  • The rights & responsibilities of the wife in Islam
  • The rights & responsibilities of the husband in Islam
  • Rulings on intimacy between husband & wife
  • The importance of family life in Islam
  • What are the rights of the In-Laws?
  • What are the rulings on forced marriages in Islam?
  • What to look for in a spouse and what questions to ask?
  • Steps on avoiding argumentation in your marriage
  • And much more!