Purification of The Heart & Soul

Instructor: Shaikh Abdur-Raheem McCarthy

1. Do you need an Emaan boost?
2. Are you looking for happiness in the wrong places?
3. Have you ever struggled to deal with difficulties and calamities?
4. Do you feel as though your heart has grown distant from Allah?
5. Do you feel like you have lost all sincerity in your worship and want that feeling back?
6. Would you like to attain a peaceful heart?
7. We all know how to look after our body, what is good for the body and what is bad for the body, but do we all know what is good and bad for the soul?

Enroll on an AMAZING one day seminar on the purification of the heart and soul taught by Shaikh Abdur-Raheem McCarthy

Some of the things you will Insha’Allah learn in this amazing seminar:

  • The dire need of purification of the soul for all humans.
  • Steps to the purification of the heart and soul
  • The secrets to true success and happiness
  • The nature and different states of the soul
  • How to deal with difficulties and calamities
  • The dangers of the ideologies of deviant sects on purification of
    the soul and the evil effects they have had on the Ummah past and
  • How to strive against your desires
  • The Wisdom behind being tested by Allah
  • Prophetic Pearls on How to Deal with Calamities and Hardships
  • How to attain a peaceful heart
  • The Benefits of Belief in Qadar
  • Generosity and Jealously
  • Being thankful for the blessings of Allah
  • And Much More!
Segregated seating area for sisters with video link up (mothers & children room also available)

Shaikh Abdur-Raheem McCarthy is a renowned Islamic lecturer and a teacher of Islamic Studies and Arabic language. An Irish-American revert to Islam, Shaikh Abdur-Raheem spent over 13 years seeking knowledge in the Middle East, 10 of which were spent in Madinah studying under major scholars such as Shaikh Abdul Muhsin al-Abbaad, Shaikh Muhammad Mukhtar al-Shinqiti and many others. Shaikh Abdur-Raheem was also fortunate to have studied under the great scholar Shaikh Saleh Ibn al-Uthaymeen (raheemaullah) in Qaseem.

Since graduating from the Islamic University of Madinah, Shaikh Abdur-Raheem has traveled around the world delivering Islamic lectures and seminars. The Shaikh has regular shows on Peace TV, Tayba TV, and Sharjah TV.

Purification of The Heart & Soul
A Message from Shaikh Abdur-Raheem McCarthy